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The spring breeze turns the rain to urge the peach and plum, the Huaihe River leisurely cultivates the talented person

          -- Anhui Vocational College of electronic information

[college profile] Anhui electronic information vocational and technical college is a public college affiliated to Anhui Provincial Department of economy and information technology, a national demonstrative software vocational and technical college, and a "training base for skilled talents in the information field" of the Ministry of education , Anhui provincial demonstrative higher vocational college, Anhui Provincial Economic and information department, Anhui Provincial Department of education, Bengbu Municipal People's government and Bengbu Glass Design and Research Institute of China building materials. Up to now, the college has delivered more than 30000 outstanding graduates to the society.

There are 317 full-time teachers, 96 professors and associate professors and 157 intermediate titles; 181 people have doctor's and master's degrees; There are 165 "double qualified" teachers. There are 7 provincial teaching teams, 4 famous teachers, 2 excellent teachers, 2 model teachers, 5 professional leaders and 11 new talents in the teaching field.

The college adheres to the fundamental task of "cultivating morality, serving development and promoting employment", takes serving economic and social development as the purpose, takes employment as the guidance, promotes development with quality, and takes the road of industry university research cooperation, which has significantly improved the quality of talent training, social service ability and school running reputation. The college has successively won the honorary titles of "advanced collective of Party building and ideological and political work in Colleges and universities of the whole province", "advanced collective of Ideological and political education of college students in Anhui Province", "advanced collective of labor competition in Anhui Province", "Advanced College of socialized reform of logistics in Colleges and universities in China in the past ten years" and "the first batch of economical public institution demonstration units in the whole province".

[specialty features] the college consists of Department of electronic engineering, Department of mechanical and electrical engineering, Department of information and intelligent engineering, Department of economic management, and School of software. There are 28 enrollment majors, including three national key majors of computer application technology, photovoltaic engineering technology, electrical automation technology, and accounting, computer network technology, mold design and manufacturing, Internet of things application technology, and electrical There are 16 provincial key specialties, including automation technology, e-commerce, electronic information engineering technology, mechatronics technology, computer application technology, automotive electronic technology, software technology, numerical control technology, digital media application technology, logistics management, photovoltaic engineering technology and applied electronic technology. Four research centers have been set up, including electronic information technology application, green energy, software and information technology application, and electromechanical technology application; Guo Zhiyong provincial famous teacher studio Xinshunqiang municipal master studio and Li Shuguang college Master Studio and other three large (famous) teacher studios. The college has more than 110 professional experimental training rooms and 74 off campus training bases; it has 6 provincial-level school enterprise cooperation practice education bases such as electronic engineering practice education center and 2 provincial-level training centers such as electronic information experimental training center.

[internship and employment] the college has continuously deepened the mode of school enterprise cooperation in running schools. It has successively jointly run schools with China Shenggu, iFLYTEK, China Ordnance Industry Group 214 Institute, Hefei Guojing Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute of China building materials. The college has made remarkable achievements in various vocational skills competitions, and the "13th five year plan" period has witnessed remarkable achievements During this period, the college won 782 awards in national and provincial vocational skills competitions and special competitions; In the past two years, the college students have won 4 first prizes, 15 second prizes and 35 third prizes. The first employment rate of college graduates is above 96% every year, and the employment satisfaction is 86.86%. The college has been rated as "advanced collective of employment work of college graduates in Anhui Province" and "model unit of employment work of the whole province" for many years. In 2014, it was rated as "Anhui Province college students innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration school".

[civilized campus] the college is located in the beautiful university town of Longzi Lake, a national AAAA scenic spot in Bengbu City, covering an area of 849 Mu and a building area of 250000 square meters. Over the years, the college has continuously promoted the construction of a harmonious campus, and has successively won the titles of "civilized unit" and "double support model unit" of Bengbu City, creating a "national civilized city" and "national civilized city" for Bengbu "National double support model city" added new achievements. In the 14th games of Anhui Province, 943 students participated in volunteer service. The college has actively carried out cultural activities such as debate contest for college students, campus singer competition, "May 4th song and dance meeting for youth", "graduation season song and dance evening party", classic reading, I play my heart with warmth --- psychological drama show and other cultural activities, as well as college students' aerobics, tennis, football, table tennis, volleyball competitions and other sports activities, The students of our college won one champion, four first prizes, four second prizes, three third prizes and three good results of "sports morality and Fashion Award" in the 14th Provincial Games. We actively strengthened the construction and guidance of College Students' associations, and the college students' press group was awarded the honorary title of "top ten associations in the whole province".

The spring breeze changes the rain to urge the peach plum, the Huaihe River leisurely cultivates the talented person. With firm faith and unremitting pursuit, all teachers and students of Anhui electronic information vocational and technical college are striving for the establishment of local skilled high-level university!

School address: No.1000 Caoshan Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province

Enrollment consultation hotline: 0552-31729093172929

Network address: http://bcycm.cn

(updated March 2019)

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