College to carry out civilized traffic counseling volunteer service activities

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This net news In order to enhance the residents' awareness of traffic legal system and safety, create a good atmosphere to abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, and help create a civilized city, on December 21, the college organized young volunteers to carry out civilized traffic persuasion volunteer service activities at the intersection of Xianghu road and Tanghe road.

At the scene of the activity, volunteers arrived at the designated intersection ahead of time and went to their posts to carry out service activities under the guidance of traffic police comrades. The activity time was in the morning rush hour, the crowd was surging and the crowd was dense. The volunteers, wearing red hats and red waistcoats, and holding small red flags for traffic guidance, carried out traffic order management, civilized publicity, on-site persuasion and other service activities at the designated intersection, so as to provide help for the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, pregnant and other special groups to cross the road safely, retrograde and change lanes for vehicles and pedestrians, To dissuade people from running red lights and other violations of traffic rules, educate and guide pedestrians to abide by traffic laws and regulations, and to walk and drive in a civilized way. Although the weather is cold, the volunteers are still in a full state of mind, adhere to their posts, civilized persuasion.

Through participating in volunteer service activities, volunteers not only persuade pedestrians to travel in a civilized way, but also make themselves realize the importance of "safe travel and civilized travel". It fully interprets the volunteer service spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress", and shows the strength of youth in the period when Bengbu City was established as a national civilized city. (Wang Danli of the office, reviewed by Wang Jian)

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