Fire safety department in the heart of the exercise began in the Institute of fire equipment training activities

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This net news In order to enhance the safety awareness of teachers and students, be familiar with the use of fire fighting equipment, and have the ability of self rescue and mutual rescue in fire, the security office of the college and the fire rescue brigade of Bengbu Economic and Technological Development Zone jointly carried out practical training activities on the use of fire extinguishers. On December 8, December 15 and December 22, the training was conducted for the dormitory directors, laboratory administrators, student apartment administrators, logistics personnel, fire volunteers and some student representatives.

The students of each college signed up actively and actively participated in the practice exercise. The professional staff of the fire rescue brigade explained the fire safety knowledge in detail, including the fire extinguisher identification, operation procedures, operation essentials and operation skills, and then carried out the practical demonstration. After learning the relevant knowledge, teachers and students carried out on-the-spot fire-fighting drills in an orderly manner. Through the practice, we quickly mastered the key points of using fire extinguishers.

The fire safety practice exercise realized the full coverage of important places and key personnel, made the majority of teachers and students more deeply realize the importance of fire prevention, enhanced the fire safety awareness of teachers and students of the college, mastered the use ability of fire fighting equipment, and improved the ability of fire safety prevention and emergency disposal, It is another important safety training measure after the fire evacuation and escape drill of the college this semester, which helps to further strengthen the safety defense line of the college and build a safe campus. Wang Changxi of security office reviewed Chen Defeng)

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