On the printing of admission card and examination epidemic prevention requirements of computer proficiency examination in Anhui Province

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Dear candidates

Anhui Province in the second half of 2021 University computer level The exam is scheduled for To ensure the smooth progress of the examination, the following requirements are made:

1、 Printing of admission permit

Computer level Admission permit website: , select the name of the examination site (school name), ID card number, student number and course. Candidates are required to print the admission card by themselves.

2、 Epidemic prevention requirements

(1) When traveling, prepare masks in advance, cooperate with the school to complete health examination and registration. Candidates should wear masks before entering the examination room, and the candidates can decide whether to wear them after entering the examination room.

(2) All candidates before the test a week During the examination period, avoid gathering activities such as parties and dinners, reduce access to crowded public places, and do a good job of personal protection when taking public transportation.

(3) The examinees who enter the examination area must accept the temperature measurement. Only when the temperature is lower than 37.3 ℃, can they enter the examination site. Cooperate with the staff to use quick drying hand disinfectant for hand disinfection or hand washing.

(4) The examinees should leave the venue orderly according to the instructions of the invigilator, and should not be crowded and keep the personnel spacing.

(5) Candidates for internship and work in other places should report their itinerary and location to the counselor 3 days before the examination. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in our college, we need to scan the health code, provide travel code and take temperature measurement. It is not recommended to return to school in medium and high-risk areas (real-time update). Candidates returning from other provinces should provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before returning to school.

3、 Other considerations

(1) Examination permit and ID card must be carried. If ID card is lost, please handle it in advance "Proof of loss of ID card" in duplicate One copy should be submitted to the academic affairs department (laboratory building) 905) for the record, and one copy of the examination shall be carried as identification. Certificate Download website: http://bcycm.cn/jwc/2018/1008/c483a23111/page.htm

(2) It is forbidden to bring mobile communication equipment such as mobile phones into the examination room. Please abide by it.

(3) All candidates are requested to cooperate with the test site to prevent and control the epidemic situation. If you have any questions, please contact: 0552-3172898

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December 17, 2021

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