Summing up experience, promoting promotion, clarifying ideas and starting again

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This net news In order to comprehensively summarize the work experience in 2021, plan the work in 2022, and promote the orderly development of the college's work, the College held an annual work retreat in the 1205 conference room of the experimental building on the afternoon of December 16. Party and government leaders Shi Xiangbin, Wang Guowu, Han Guanghui, Ma Lili, Yao Qingzuo, Xin Ying and Chen Zaiwen attended the meeting, and the heads of secondary colleges and departments attended the meeting. Wang Guowu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President, presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Shi Xiangbin pointed out that through the joint efforts of teachers and students in the whole college over the past year, we have successfully completed the tasks formulated at the beginning of the year. The regular work of the year was carried out in an orderly manner, the highlights of innovation work were frequent, the quality and quantity of key work were guaranteed, and the bottom line work was well guarded. The ideal and belief of teachers and students are more firm, the effect of "three integrity" education is more obvious, the teaching reform is passed smoothly, the appointment of all staff is carried out in an orderly way, the scores of skills competition are improved, the teaching conditions are improving day by day, the influence of the college is expanding, the campus safety is effectively maintained, and the sense of gain, happiness and security of teachers and students are continuously improved. In the next step, we should continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, work hard, improve the theoretical level, improve the working standards, and improve the effectiveness of work, so as to promote the better and faster development of the college with our greatest efforts.

Shi Xiangbin stressed that studying and implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee is an important political task at present and in the future. It is also an inevitable requirement to promote the deepening and expansion of party history learning and education. All teachers and students of the college should further strengthen the study of the spirit of the plenary session and consolidate and deepen the achievements in the study and education of party history.

Wang Guowu stressed that the annual work has been basically completed, and all secondary colleges and departments should conduct in-depth summary and analysis and put forward improvement measures. We should firmly establish the quality consciousness, integrate the diagnosis and reform into the daily work, continuously carry out the diagnosis and improvement of the work, and better improve the work quality; We should comprehensively sum up our work experience and plan the next year's work in a scientific way while doing a good job in the key work in the near future; We should do our best to strictly implement the requirements of the higher authorities and the college for epidemic prevention and control, continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, always put the life safety and health of teachers and students in the first place, and ensure the physical health of teachers and students and the safety and stability of campus.

At the meeting, the heads of the secondary colleges and departments reported the annual work and the preliminary plan for the next step, and the leaders in charge arranged and arranged the relevant work. (Wang Danli of the office, reviewed by Wang Jian)

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