Warm tips on the supplementary registration work of college entrance examination in 2022

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Our province two thousand and twenty-two The enrollment of colleges and universities has been completed in two thousand and twenty-one year ten month twenty-nine The end of the day. A small number of candidates failed to sign up within the specified time period due to various reasons, so they applied for supplementary registration. In order to protect the interests of examinees, the organization should be determined on the premise that the examination management and data security are not affected two thousand and twenty-two The specific work arrangements are as follows:

one    The supplementary registration time is two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month twenty-one day 9:00 to twenty-two day 16:30

two    The supplementary registration is organized by the educational enrollment examination institutions of all cities and counties (cities and districts). The supplementary registration candidates go to the places designated by the local enrollment and examination institutions for supplementary registration. The supplementary registration process is the same as the previous registration process.

three    Cities County (city, district) educational enrollment and examination institutions must continue to strictly implement the qualification examination procedures and enrollment publicity system Students of ordinary senior high schools, secondary vocational schools and secondary vocational schools must verify the enrollment list and enrollment status of candidates to ensure that no sophomores and freshmen register illegally. Candidates without the second generation ID card should not be treated as left over problems, so as to prevent the unqualified candidates from taking advantage of the opportunity of supplementary registration.

The registration point must read the candidates' ID card information on the spot, take photos on the scene, and strictly check whether the candidates themselves are consistent with the ID card and the registration pre filling form, so as to prevent the appearance of the appearance of "Zhang Guan Li".

Candidates must print the information confirmation form after registration, and the candidates must sign for confirmation. The registration information confirmation form shall be kept by the enrollment and examination institutions at all levels as required.

four    This supplementary registration category is only limited to ordinary colleges and universities, general arts and science, sports candidates. The unified examination of arts majors has been launched in succession, so there is no need to apply for supplementary registration.

five    The registration time for junior students of University of science and technology of China (including innovation class) and Southeast University is two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month twenty-seven day 9:00 to twenty-eight day 16:30 Xi'an Jiaotong University Youth class enrollment record after the completion of the registration procedures.

Since the Ministry of education has a clear time limit for the submission of the college entrance examination registration data, and the registration information of the college entrance examination needs to be reviewed in multiple links, no more processing will be conducted after the completion of this supplementary registration two thousand and twenty-two Registration for the college entrance examination.

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