The arrangement of listening test, the printing of admission card and the requirements of epidemic prevention in CET-4 and cet-b

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Dear candidates

In the second half of 2021, CET-4, CET-6 and cet-b will be held on December 18 and 19. In order to ensure the smooth progress of English listening and examination, the following requirements are made:

1、 Listening test

(1) Audition time: 14:10-17:30 on December 13 and December 17

(2) Test frequency: FM 74.8mhz

(3) Broadcast content: This is the voice FM station of Anhui electronic information vocational and technical college

(4) Please use FM headphones (provided by yourself) near the test room during the above time period. The test room is located on the fifth floor of teaching. Please refer to the admission permit for the specific examination room.

2、 Printing of admission permit

(1) Query and print the website of CET-4 and CET-6 candidates: , enter the personal center, download and print.

(2) Website of English level B admission certificate: , select the name (school name), ID card number, student number and course.

(3) The admission card will be printed by yourself.

3、 Epidemic prevention requirements

(1) When traveling, prepare masks in advance, cooperate with the school to complete health examination and registration. Candidates should wear masks before entering the examination room, and the candidates can decide whether to wear them after entering the examination room.

(2) From the 14th day before the examination, all examinees should take and record their body temperature every day and monitor their health condition. In case of any abnormality, they should report it in time.

(3) The examinees who enter the examination area must accept the temperature measurement. Only when the temperature is lower than 37.3 ℃, can they enter the examination site. Cooperate with the staff to use quick drying hand disinfectant for hand disinfection or hand washing.

(4) The examinees should leave the venue orderly according to the instructions of the invigilator, and should not be crowded and keep the personnel spacing.

(5) If there are fever, cough and other symptoms on the test day, the local health department and disease control agency professionals shall conduct case study and judgment. Candidates who have the conditions to continue to complete the examination shall be arranged to take the examination in a spare isolated examination room.

(6) Candidates for internship in other places should go through the admission procedures according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control of the college. It is recommended not to return to school in medium and high-risk areas. Candidates returning to school outside the province should provide information before returning to school Negative results of nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

4、 Other considerations

(1) Examination must be carried with admission card and ID card, two cards complete before you can participate in the examination. If the ID card is lost, please apply for the "ID card lost certificate" in duplicate in advance (download address: http://bcycm.cn/jwc/2018/1008/c483a23111/page.htm )One copy should be submitted to the academic affairs department (905 laboratory building) for record, and the other one should be taken for identification.

(2) Carry test equipment: 2B pencil (more than 2 pens, the pen should be cut flat), knife, rubber, black water pen, FM earphone (check whether the power is sufficient, and it is better to prepare two more batteries). All the above items should be prepared at night before the test, and other items should not be brought into the examination room (such as correction tape, transparent glue, etc.).

For matters not mentioned above, we will inform you separately. In order to ensure the smooth and smooth completion of the examination, candidates are requested to cooperate with the test site to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. If you have any questions, please contact: 0552-3172898


Teaching and Research Division

December 8, 2021

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