Anhui electronic information vocational and technical college 2022 graduates employment and entrepreneurship subsidy list publicity

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In order to implement the provincial government's two thousand and twenty-two Notice on the information issuance of employment and entrepreneurship subsidies for graduates with financial difficulties two thousand and twenty-one one hundred and eleven According to the requirements of Document No two thousand and twenty-two According to the application of qualified graduates and the examination of relevant departments of Bengbu human resources and Social Security Bureau, the one hundred and eighty-eight The list of graduates who meet the requirements and have passed the examination and approval is publicized as follows, and the publicity time is as follows two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month six day -12 month ten If you have any objection, please contact: 0552-3172929 Department of supervision and audit: 0552-3172884.

Enrollment and employment Division

two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month six day

School job subsidy publicity list in 2021 pdf

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