Notice on checking registration information of computer level

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Dear candidates

In order to do a good job in the registration of computer proficiency test, please check your personal information carefully according to the notice requirements. The specific notice is as follows.

1、 Search website

Computer on:

Or scan the mobile phone code:

2、 Query method

Enter the National University (Anhui examination area) computer proficiency test information interface:

1. Selection of examination site name: 231 Anhui electronic information vocational and Technical College

2. Input ID card number and student number

3. Course selection: 111 fundamentals of computer application

4. Click query (the query results are displayed below, please drop down the page, as shown in the right figure, please check the personal information in the red box)



3、 Information check

Check the personal information displayed after inquiry. If the information is incorrect, please contact Before 17:00 on November 30, go to 905 Academic Affairs Section of experimental building to submit correction information. Tel: 0552-3172898 (Mr. Li)

4、 Warm tips

There is no need to provide photos for this test, so you must bring your admission card and ID card to take the exam!




Teaching and Research Division

November 25, 2021

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