Notice on registration for computer proficiency test in the second half of 2021

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twenty twenty-one year lower Half year college computer proficiency test scheduled twelve month two five day - two six The registration notice is as follows:

1 Examination course    Primary computer application Basics

2 Candidates    Non computer majors (Electronics) who offer this course this semester College of Engineering Mechanical and electrical College of Engineering School of economics and management )And those who have not passed the previous non computer major must apply for the examination (as the final examination result of the course)( College of Information Engineering And software engineering Students are willing to apply for the examination.

3 Charging standard    35 yuan / person

4、 Registration (payment) procedures

one Registration (payment) time: November 2021 month one day 9:00 -11 month twenty-two day two three : 00, please register within the specified time. No supplementary report will be made after the system is closed.

two Please log in to the homepage of the campus network On the "campus card" page of "smart electricity institute", enter the "financial payment" function and click "payment item" to select Computer level Payment. Please don't pay the fee repeatedly. You can't pay for others.

3. Information verification and confirmation( eleven month 25th December 2 Japan)

Teaching and Research Division It will be on the campus network Educational administration information A check notice will be issued in the column, examinee Scan QR code to check personal information and photos. please examinee Check on time personal information For example Not on time Check the information is wrong take No modification.

5 Registration telephone 0552- three million one hundred and seventy-two thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight   Contact person: Mr. Li

6 please Each class Study committee member joined Study committee member QQ group 433982710 In order to pay attention to the examination information.


Teaching and Research Division

2021 ten month two seven day

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