Inquiry of postal order number of admission notice of 2021 Higher Vocational College

Publisher: recruitment and Employment Information Officer Release time: October 25, 2021 Number of visits: ten

Dear candidates

Our hospital two thousand and twenty-one The admission notice of new students in higher vocational colleges was approved by China Post last week EMS It is sent by express. The mailing address of the notice is the address registered by the candidates in Anhui government affairs website. Please check it carefully, The online registration time of our hospital is eleven month one Solstice five day Please refer to the attachment for the details of the notice number and admission notice.


Telephone number: 0552-3172929 three million one hundred and seventy-two thousand nine hundred and nine


Requirements for enrollment of new students in 2021 higher vocational colleges pdf

Post order number of 2021 higher vocational college enrollment expansion pdf

Enrollment and employment Division

two thousand and twenty-one October 25, 2008



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