2021 "PLC control system installation and debugging skills competition" successfully concluded

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This net news In order to promote the reform and innovation of the talent training mode of the combination of work and study, and achieve the goal of "promoting teaching and learning by competition", the skill competition of "PLC control system installation and debugging" jointly organized by the College of mechanical and electrical engineering and the College of electronic engineering has been successfully concluded recently.

A total of 20 teams signed up for the competition. Due to the different types of PLC used by the two colleges, the competition took the form of different places, the same questions and the same time. After careful guidance and intensive training, the contestants are fully prepared. Through the fierce competition, the competition groups of the two systems each awarded the first prize, the second prize and the third prize respectively. The whole competition process is organized orderly, and students can abide by the rules of the competition without violating the rules.

"PLC control system installation and debugging skills competition" is a skill competition for the whole school to open "electrical control and PLC technology" course. It aims to examine the students' ability of PLC control system installation and program design, focusing on PLC programming, debugging and ability to solve practical problems. According to the professional ability requirements of professional posts, it guides the students of automation, mechanical and electrical, electronic and other majors in Higher Vocational Colleges to strengthen the basic professional skills training, which effectively promotes the construction of study style and arouses the enthusiasm of students. (reviewed by Wang Na, School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Qiao Zhijie)

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